I was completely clueless as to how I need to train my body for the body-fat I wanted to lose because there’s so much conflicting information out there. I was overwhelmed and simply don’t have the hours in the day to research because I’m already a busy student in a graduate program. So I left all the exercise programming to Arin after having bad experiences with 24 Hour Fitness trainers. My trainer there gave me a workout/nutrition plan that was exactly the same as all his other clients and was confused when I saw zero results after doing everything he said. After months with Arin I am much stronger, toned, and self-confident. The investment return for something like personal training (if you don’t know what you’re doing — which in my case I definitely did not) is substantial. I don’t know what price you put real hands-on exercise instruction, self-confidence, greater strength, and less hunching over on my laptop due to stronger back, but the value is definitely here for me and my personal goals.