I’m 50 and a devoted couch potato. I sought out a personal trainer who would motivate me to work out because it’s not something I will do on my own. I’ve been with Arin for over a year now – one hour, twice a week. Arin is professional, personable and attentive, and I can really see results. I’m much stronger than when I started, and my joints no longer hurt. I also have a lot more energy than I used to. Arin is always willing to explain how a particular exercise or movement will affect my body, and how it fits into the entire program. He determines and keeps track of what weight/resistance I use for a particular exercise, as well as the number of sets/ repetitions (he gives me heavier weights than I would do on my own, but that’s what I’m paying him for). And he customizes the fitness program based on your needs and your progress. I can definitely recommend Arin without reservation.