It begins with humility. As a physical preparation coach, I won’t ask for social media likes and followers or boast an embellished resume with false claims. I won’t try to impress you with the latest and greatest exercises while screaming in your ear like cliche boot-camp style trainers. The spotlight is reserved for the betterment of you, the trainee. I want to make the average person better than they were before stepping into the weight room. I want to show your potential because I love an underdog story…and it begins with humility.

Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking about yourself less. Do you know the world’s best coaches happen to be the world’s worst marketers — you’d be hard-pressed to know who they are because they don’t enjoy the spotlight. I understand that an honest, efficient, and unbiased approach to fitness is often hard in an ego-driven industry marred with widespread use of myth and deception at the expense of safety and integrity for cosmetic and capital motives. I understand that simplicity — as much as we strive for — is sometimes difficult to implement in an industry where many seek falsified sophistication to justify their profession. Learning to put the ego aside helps knowing my job as a coach and educator isn’t to prove everyone right, but to get it right in order to help you make good, simple decisions for long-term success. Consider this the ultimate no bullshit, honest experience in fitness. My mission is for individuals to come out educated knowing exactly what to do and how to do it — independent from a trainer. And if this isn’t music to your ears, then we may not work well together.

▪Masters, Kinesiology | ATSU – Mesa, AZ
▪Bachelors, History | CSUN – Northridge, CA

▪CSCS, Strength & Conditioning Specialist
▪HKC, Dragon-Door, Kettlebell Instructor
▪PICP, Level 1 Poliquin Regional Coach
▪KSI, Level 1 King Sports International
▪ACSM, Certified Personal Trainer

▪CES, NASM | Corrective Exercise Specialist
▪FMS, Level-2 | Functional Movement Screen
▪DNS-Sport | Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

▪Arin Training, LLC | 2007-present
▪Internship, Velocity Sports | 2013
▪Strength Coach, Hoover Basketball | 2007
▪Personal Trainer, 24-Hour Fitness | 2006

▪Good Men Project
▪The Huffington Post
▪Glendale New Press

▪Master trainer, over 13 years experience
▪Meticulous online fitness programming
▪Men’s health & fitness specialization
▪Corrective/postural exercise knowledge

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