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Arin Gragossian

Arin Gragossian

Founder | MS, CSCS

Personal Trainer / Strength-Conditioning Coach

Phone: 1-888-677-0499


Estimated 25,000+ hours/13-years experience in personal training design, instruction, and education. Specialization in body re-composition and post-rehab. Formal academic research with graduate studies in applied kinesiology, internship, and gold-standard certifications from multiple industry leaders.

“The most valuable commodity a coach can give is time. It can’t be refunded, replaced, or bought back. Invest your time like your money wisely.”

Louie Simmons

“Are you moving poorly because you’re in pain? Or are you in pain because you’re moving poorly? Remember, the best way to get your core to work right is to correct your worst movement pattern. If you get mobility back, your core will turn on automatically and do what it needs to do. For instance, your core may not be able to work properly right now if your ankle is locked up, or your hips don’t move well, or you have a lingering back pain. Doing all the core work and plank exercises in the world won’t fix this problem. It begins with understanding how to move properly and addressing the root cause of a problem rather than throwing in a myriad of fancy exercises.”

Gray Cook



Phone: 1-888-677-0499


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