Up/Lifted Words – Dr. Mark Cheng (#14)

Show Link: Up/Lifted Podcast #14 Guest Dr. Mark Cheng Welcome to Up/Lifted Words. This is what I'll be calling the blog version of the Up/Lifted Podcast. If you have not heard Up/Lifted yet, it's available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher Radio, and the YouTube...

Training Men vs Women: Is There A Difference?

Training a man can be different than training a woman — but then again — the physiological systems for both are exactly the same. Even more, training an individual within the same gender can differ based on the person’s goals, conditioning, and other fitness variables.

The Individualized Workout: No Such Thing?

The word individualized is arguably the most overused term in the fitness industry. We're guilty of using it too much. But who doesn't like to use this exhausted term? It's a fantastic attention-grabber announcing to the prospective trainee that they will be receiving...

Sand Training: More Power, Less Risk

Speed kills. All things equal, the faster athlete will win. Or, is it greater strength that wins the day.  All things equal, the stronger athlete will come out on top. Fast or strong, which one is the key to athletic supremacy? Neither, the key to athletic supremacy...

Busy Is The New Lazy: The Truth About Busy

I think you're a liar. You may not be a liar, but I suspect you could be. I'm also a liar, at least I think I used to be. What makes both of us liars is we constantly say we're too busy. I've learned over the years that too busy is simply code word for either not...

Searching For A Trainer: 5 Things To Know

If you're looking for a personal trainer, chances are you can be overwhelmed at the number of options available. A simple Google search for a personal trainer can prompt hundreds of results -- all of whom are trying to sell you their latest and greatest. There are...



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Optimal training is not about how much or hard or long or painful it can be, but rather the amount of training which when combined with the recovery situation you are in, will give you the best training effect.

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