The Arin Training Manifesto

The Manifesto

Arin Training, LLC is a personal training and online coaching provider for individuals seeking betterment in fitness — Building a meticulously crafted coaching experience via applied kinesiology to aid in productivity and increase mental focus, energy, and drive needed for strength gain or body re-composition (fat-loss and muscle gain).

The Expertise

Arin Training provides gold-standard instruction in strength, flexibility, and body-composition via applied kinesiology in semi-private training format. We strive for honest and reliable information in health and human performance — information that is increasingly difficult to find in an industry often marred by widespread use of myth and deception at the expense of safety and integrity. In such we’re personally invested in client success and pledge to provide the most effective instruction to clientele without frills or gimmicks.

The Difference

Flexibility and proper joint movement are paramount for strength, speed, and function — therefore, importance is placed to provide and promote coaching that reduces risk of injury and increases muscle function needed for all qualities of physical performance. Working within industry parameters of ethical standards and guidelines towards safety, trust is sought from clients in the quest of achieving fitness from both personal experience and scientifically valid evidence-based research. This trust will prove to become a valuable tool in allowing for continuous maturation of physical ability and critical thinking for both client and coach.


Sure, bargain toilet paper or discounted office supplies are fine, but would you trust your body to discounted, ill-informed personal trainers that merely stand counting reps or even worse, kick your butt just to see how much you can sweat for the sake of perspiration — because apparently more sweat is better, right? Let it be known loud and clear: This is not your typical personal training experience & I will not bow down to inadequate training methods or trends. The process may be edifying.

Effort, Not Results. Probably controversial to say effort over results, but this my belief. I’d rather see you adhere and grow in a fitness program — minus the complaining — even if you don’t yield first place or break records or beat your own personal best. What’s important is not exhibiting an incurious demeanor. Show up routinely willing to learn and try.

The Over-Training Hype. I don’t buy much stock in the “over-training” propaganda. When it comes to sub-par results, over-training is seldom the issue for non-athletic populations. It is often under-recovery. Inadequate recovery is why results decline. Recovery from both distress and eustress. Efficient recovery is crucial for all training systems no matter your goal.

A Humble & Honest Experience. If you’re looking for fancy YouTube workouts, how to get a bigger ass for Instagram, and cliche motivational phrases like “no pain no gain,” I’ll immediately urge you to look elsewhere. This isn’t my vibe. I’m not doing this for social media fame. I’m not a “fitness influencer” talking jargon to sound smart in order to justify selling you workouts. There’s simply no room for ego or bullshit. I’m here to help educate and inspire you to grow in your fitness endeavors by giving you the right tools when needed.

Arin Grags  |  MS, CSCS

Do You…

  • Spend all your money on a trainer with lackluster results and no accountability?
  • Postpone your progress & potential for the strength and physique you’ve always wanted?
  • Read a myriad of different articles, but simply don’t know how to put it all together in the gym?
  • Constantly get lost or overwhelmed when stepping into the gym on your own?
  • Have lingering tightness or pain from previous injury that sometimes worsens?


The Bad Workout…

How many times have you had a bad workout because you didn’t know what to do? Or perhaps you know way too much, but need it all packaged & simplified. Today, we’re increasingly given conflicting information on what’s right vs. wrong when it comes to our bodies. There are many ways to train, but more wrong ways than right. Stop questioning whether you’re doing what it takes to make progress & quit wasting your time. Simplification is key to success — and it is a coach’s job to simplify things for you to understand, execute, & triumph.

If you’ve had negligent or unmotivated trainers before, chances are you’ve not reached your potential and have been left with more questions than results. Remember, just because you are capable doesn’t mean it’s optimal: The sub-par teachings or habits in training can hinder fitness goals. If the car engine rattles, you don’t turn up the radio to avoid hearing the rattle — you fix the rattling itself. Our goal is to provide you with proper instruction to overcome such limitations. We’ll design every aspect of your training from reps, sets, rest periods, stretching, & basic nutrient needs. All we need from you is to be eager to learn, adhere, & execute!

Let Our Expertise Help You Triumph.

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